Installing Python and MIKE IO#

  1. Download Python from

  2. Install Python (Select Add Python to PATH)

  3. (On PCs without MIKE Zero) Install VC redist

  4. Open command prompt (cmd.exe)

  5. Install MIKE IO (pip install mikeio)

  6. Install matplotlib (pip install matplotlib)

  7. Install JupyterLab (pip install jupyterlab)

  8. Start Jupyter lab (jupyter lab)

  9. You are now ready to start working with MIKE IO in Python

Installation example#

Test your installation#

  1. Open command prompt (cmd.exe)

  2. Start python (> python)

  3. Run the following lines of code:

import sys
import numpy as np
import pandas as pd
import matplotlib as mpl
import mikeio
print(f"Python version: {sys.version}")
print("NumPy: " + np.__version__)
print("Pandas: " + pd.__version__)
print("Matplotlib: " + mpl.__version__)
print("MIKE IO: " + mikeio.__version__)

Can you say yes to the following questions?

  • My Python version is 3.8 or greater

  • My NumPy version is 1.18 or greater

  • My pandas version is 1.0 or greater

  • My matplotlib version is 3.2 or greater

  • My MIKE IO version is 1.0 or greater