Data Structures#

MIKE IO has these primary data structures:

  • Dataset - a collection of DataArrays corresponding to the contents of a dfs file; typically obtained from

  • DataArray - data and metadata corresponding to one “item” in a dfs file.

  • Geometry - spatial description of the data in a dfs file; comes in different flavours corresponding to different types of dfs files.

More information is available in the MIKE IO documentation


The Dataset is the MIKE IO data structure for data from dfs files.

The methods returns a Dataset as a container of DataArrays. The time and geometry are common to all DataArrays in the Dataset.


Each DataArray have the following properties:

  • item - an mikeio.eum.ItemInfo with name, type and unit

  • time - a pandas.DatetimeIndex with the time instances of the data

  • geometry - a Geometry object with the spatial description of the data

  • values - a numpy.ndarray