Data Structures

MIKE IO has these primary data structures:

  • Dataset - a collection of DataArrays corresponding to the contents of a dfs file; typically obtained from

  • DataArray - data and metadata corresponding to one “item” in a dfs file.

  • Geometry - spatial description of the data in a dfs file; comes in different flavours: Grid1D, Grid2D, Grid3D, GeometryFM, GeometryFM3D, etc. corresponding to different types of dfs files.

  • Dfs - an object returned by dfs = containing the metadata (=header) of a dfs file ready for reading the data (which can be done with; exists in different specialized versions: Dfs0, Dfs1, Dfs2, Dfs3, Dfsu2DH, Dfsu3D, Dfsu2DV, DfsuSpectral,